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Instructions for testers wanting to test

Building OpenVPN testing from git

  • If you have not cloned the git repository:
git clone git://
cd openvpn-testing
git checkout -b allmerged origin/allmerged
  • If you already have git repository clone:
cd openvpn-testing
git checkout allmerged
git pull --rebase origin
  • Prepare for building:
autoreconf -vi

Building OpenVPN testing from snapshots

  • Unpack it
gzip -dc openvpn-YYYYWW.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd openvpn-devel/

Configure and compile

By default, all deprecated features should be disabled. When doing the compile-time configuration of OpenVPN, please make sure the following arguments are included.

  • --disable-depr-random-resolv


./configure --disable-depr-random-resolv
make [-j <num CPU cores + 1>]