Bandwidth Monitoring with IPFW & Cacti

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IPFW Rule Associations

All rules start with the last octect of the IP address. So, will be rules 14900 through 14999. The last two digits of each rule number will be used as an indicator as to what type of traffic we're monitoring.

Last Two
Protocol(s) Description
00/01 SSH SSH Traffic
04/05 SMTP Inbound
98/99 ALL All traffic for this IP address
30/31 Teamspeak All teamspeak traffic, web traffic & all.
20/21 POP3/s All POP3 traffic, secure or not.
22/23 IMAP/s All IMAP traffic, secure or not.
02/03 HTTP/s All HTTP traffic, secure or not.
65500/65501 ALL All network traffic in and out, period.