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This Glossary defines both words we are using to talk about aspects of the app being created as well as golf terms as defined by the Game Rules (Golf App)

ace – also known as a “hole-in-one.” A score of 1 on a hole.

albatross – also known as a “double eagle.” A score of 3 under par on a hole.

bogey – a score of 1 over par on a hole.

bunker – also known as a sand trap or trap.

course – the set of holes that make up the golf course.

cup – also known as the “hole.” The cup itself holds the flagstick in place.

double bogey – a score of 2 over par on a hole.

double eagle – also known as an “albatross.” A score of 3 under par on a hole.

eagle – a score of 2 under par on a hole.

fairway – the shortly cut grass which may exist between the tee and the green.

flagstick – also known as the “pin” or the “flag.” A marker that stands in the hole and indicates where the hole is located.

fringe – the outside border of the green which consists of a slightly longer cut of grass than the green itself. It separates the green from the fairway and the rough.

green – an area of very shortly cut grass which contains the putting surface and the pin.

handicap – the difference between the player's score and a set standard. Handicap is computed by a specified formula.

hazard – any bunker or body of water. The penalty for being in a hazard is either a more difficult shot (in the case of a bunker) or a stroke penalty (in the case of water).

hole – the playing area that encompasses the area inside its boundaries from the tee to the green. Also refers to the hole in which the object is to get the ball into with the least amount of strokes.

hole-in-one – also known as an “ace.” A score of 1 on a hole.

hole attributes – the aspects of the hole that make up the hole info - yardage, par, etc.

hole info – notes entered into the app as pre-populated data.

hole notes – notes entered into the app by the user for the hole.

par – the standard number of strokes a player is expected to complete on a hole or a course.

pin – also known as the flag. A marker that stands in the hole and indicates where the hole is located.

player - a person whose score is being kept track of in the golf app.

rough – the longer grass that may be adjacent to the tees, fairways, or greens.

score – the number of strokes taken on a hole or course.

stroke – the act of striking the ball.

tee - the area/location where the first stroke for the current hole is made. There may be multiple tees on a single hole. These tees are classified as Champ, Back, Middle, Forward, and Front tees and are color coded. The colors chosen for each tee is determine by the committee in charge of the golf course; however, black, blue, white, yellow, and red are the typical colors used.

user - a person using the golf app.

yardage – a distance measured in yards.

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