Elaboration 1 Presentation

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This page is to provide talking points for our class presentation 10/20/10.

Required Presentation items

  1. Updated Use Cases - Kyle
  2. Domain Model - Kyle
  3. System Sequence Diagrams - Kyle
  4. Sequence Diagrams - Kyle
  5. Software Architecture Document - Benjamin
  6. Data model & Database definitions not included at this time as per Software Architecture Document
  7. Class Diagram - Aaron

Other information

Elaboration 1 Presentation Checklist

(from Professor Larry Gottschalk)

  1. domain model
  2. design model
  3. sw archit document
  4. data model; db definitions
  5. use cases for what will be coded this iteration; use case storybords or prototype (to show user I/F
  6. SSD's for what will be coded
  7. dynamic model (seq diag or communication diag)
  8. class diagrams w/ methods

Project Topics