Business and Technical Decisions (Golf App)

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This page is for discussion of decisions that have already been made so that time is not wasted debating questions that have already been decided.

Business and Technical Questions that have been decided

What will be the development environment?

  • Open Source IDE Eclipse
  • SVN for sharing code

Is it feasible?

  • Yes

Buy and/or build?

  • Build

Order of magnitude of cost (most expensive to least expensive costs)

  1. Wages for programmers, tech, system admin
  2. Marketing (Android websites with banner ads, marketing with carriers, twitter/facebook viral marketing)
  3. Server to run syncing of data

Should we proceed or stop?

  • Proceed

Program ONLY the “show stopper” technical issues

  • The server functionality would be the technical issues and would be done first in Risk Driven programming

Project Topics

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